Our Teachers

Yogi Yogesh Jakhmola

Yogi yogesh jakhmola is well known yoga anatomy teacher in Rishikesh, teaching from last five years around Rishikrsh with different well known schools. He has a good understanding of human body and also nutrition. With his practical knowledge of asana he is able to help many students to avoid many injuries and improving their personal practices. He has completed his master in yogic science and also has done certification in nutrition.
Yogi Mohit Ji
Yogi Mohit ji was born and brought up in a priest family. He always was very influenced with spiritual teaching which was passed on him by family. Currently he is teaching in Moksha yoga school in Rishikesh where share his vast knowledge of yoga philosophy and Pranayama. The key of his teaching is his ability to relate philosophical concept with daily life. His believes “philosophy should be practically applied in our daily life” Holding a Masters' Degree in Yogic science, Yogi Mohit ji is a charismatic and energetic yoga teacher. He has been sharing his knowledge from last four years with his special technique of teaching where he merges philosophy and psychology.

Yogi Harmindra

Yogi Harmendra a passionate yoga anatomy and therapy teacher in Moksha yoga school. He has been sharing his vast knowledge with his students from last three plus years. He is also a certified yoga teacher from Indian authorities and as well from yoga alliance. He has conducted many seminars in Rishikesh. Besides he also has a good knowledge of Ayurdeva and Naturopathy which brings him a ability to merge modern and ancient concept together for better understanding of inner and outer health

Yogini Praveen

Yogini Praveen Ji is our meditation teacher. She is also a recognized and certified healing teacher in Rishikesh. She owes her yogic knowledge to great yoga masters. Her calm mind and strong learning helps her to teach the art of meditation to her students. She has a friendly nature which lets students interact with her easily and become comfortable during class. Her experience with yoga meditation and yoga philosophy has made her one of the finest teachers of our school. Yogini Praveen Ji believes learning is a never ending process and that we can always learn something from one another.

Yogi Abhishek ji

Yogi Abhishek ji has been sharing his bellyful knowledge of Ashtanga Vinyasa from last four years. He has learnt yoga Asana under many masters of Rishikesh. He was inspired to explore his own personal yoga practice after realizing the transformative benefits he could develop mentally, spiritually and physically. He is very aware in classes for individual modification during practice. He firstly started teaching yoga retreat programs being conducted by his masters, and later began teaching yoga asana alignment and methodology at teacher training programs around Rishikesh. He holds diploma in yogic science as well.

Yogi Sumit Ji

Yogi sumit ji is a young and dynamic Asana teacher in Moksha yoga school. Before teaching yoga he used to do dance which helped him to understand his body more deeply. He was inspired by his brother who was already teaching yoga. Initially he start learning at home from his brother than later he studied under different mansters in Rishikesh, also he has done his bachelor degree in yoga from Uttrakhand Sanskrit university. He has been teaching many different form of Asanas from last more than three years in Rishikesh, before he has also worked as personal yoga teacher in Delhi. He also teaches Pranayama and basic human anatomy. He is famous among the people because of his passion of sharing the knowledge with others.