About Moksha Yoga School

Moksha Yoga School is among the most well known yoga schools in Rishikesh, India. We offer a wide range of yoga teacher training courses here in Rishikesh that will help you to enhance your skills and understanding with the different forms of yoga practices. Moksha Yoga School has over the years worked with numerous people and assisted them in their spiritual journeys. Whether you are looking to become a professional yoga instructor or want to achieve a deep understanding about yoga practice, we at Moksha Yoga School can certainly help you with your goals. Or yoga lessons are very focused in nature and can allow you to achieve complete transformation of your inner being.

Moksha Yoga School is registered Yoga Alliance, USA which means that once you complete your course with us you get to receive a certification that will help you to teach yoga to students in all parts of the world. Our courses can not only help you to work on your inner development and get rid of negative emotions that act as blockages in your life, but they can also help you to find guidance from within which can really be a great source of help for you when you want to achieve true happiness in your life. This will also help you to determine what is truly important to you and the best ways in which you can get rid of personal trials and challenges.

Here at Moksha Yoga School we believe it is our duty and mission to help you in every possible way so that you can live your life with a greater sense of purpose and goal. By offering you thorough and comprehensive courses on hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga and ashtanga yoga, our teachers can help you to develop better understanding of how yoga and meditation can heal you from within.